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Kamilla Mirzalieva

Kamilla Mirzalieva was born in Kazakhstan, moved to the Ukraine at the age of 7, and came to Chicago in 2017. Kamilla grew up in a family that was passionate about dance and she first started dancing ballet when she was 4. When she moved to the Ukraine she enrolled at a Ukrainian folk dance studio where she was introduced to so many new styles including ballroom. In 2012 Kamilla traveled to Turkey to choreograph shows for large hotels, and eventually made her way back to the Ukraine in 2015 where she started teaching for Arthur Murray Dance studio in Kiev. Kamilla taught and trained there until 2017 when she came to Chicago to train with her professional partner, Charles Leonard, and compete professionally in American Smooth.

 With her extensive training in so many styles Kamilla is amazing at helping newcomers understand basic movements as well as creating custom choreography in several different styles suited to their needs and abilities. She loves to share her passion with people and watch her students grow into the kind dancers they want to be!  

 Kamilla teaches private lessons, and many wedding couples as well at Dance Center Chicago. She has been trained in Ballroom, Tango, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, and several of the social dance styles including salsa, bachata, hustle and swing.