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100 level classes indicate beginner | 200 level classes indicate intermediate | 300 level classes indicate advanced

December Class Notice

*** Please note our December session will only be 3 weeks do to Holidays. Prices will be adjusted for the shorter session. We will not be having Tango or Wedding Prep this month. As well any special 4 week class vouchers or passes are not able to be adjusted. You’re still free to use but you’ll be loosing a class or you can use Wednesday night Ballroom class as a makeup***

Our class sessions start the first week of the month and continue for 4 weeks. Each class building upon what was taught in the previous class.

Drop-ins are welcome for level 200 and above as long as you have a strong foundation in the dance for the class you are attending as to not disrupt the flow of class.

For more information, click on the schedule links below.



One, month Group Class $72

(4 weeks of class)

Two, month Group Classes $120

(a $40 saving, can also be used as a couple for one class)

Drop In Class $18 Per Class

Unlimited Group Classes For A Month $150 Per Month

(for more info see memberships section)

Group Class For One Person
from 72.00
group class for one person:
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Two person class option will not be available for November Classes due to the Thankfull sale. Please purchase under the single class option and use the discount code Thankful40 for each class and person you wish to purchase for.

If you want to purchase multiple classes add multiple single classes to your cart.



Monthly Unlimited Group Class Membership

Come in and dance with our welcoming, enthusiastic, and dedicated team. If you’re looking to dance every chance you get, this is the option for you! With our unlimited monthly class membership, you’ll have unlimited access to opportunities for fun in any of our group classes or dance socials for only $150/month.

Yearly Unlimited Group Class Membership

Committed to growing your dancing this year? Let us save you some money! Enroll for one full year of classes and get the unlimited membership for only $120/month. That’s a savings of $30 each month off the Monthly Membership. You’re sure to see improvement. (contact us to enroll)

MONTHLY PRACTICE PASS (main ballroom only)

We offer an unlimited monthly practice pass for only $40/month. You’ll have unlimited access to the main ballroom floor during business hours! Practice is an important part of learning and improving in dance. But, who has a room large enough, with wooden floors, and the right music?We do!! A practice pass is the perfect way to augment private lessons and group classes of to just do a little dancing!

  • Rules for shared use of the Main Ballroom Floor. The main ballroom is a shared space with multiple teachers and dancers using it and sharing music at the same time. General rules of this are: teachers get priority over music, when the teachers are not using the music, dancers practicing may have access. General courtesy indicates that Ballroom dancers move along the outside of the floor while latin dancers should stay to the middle of the floor.

from 40.00
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