Argentine Tango

Tango Performance Team

This is not a regular class. This is an ongoing performance group of dedicated individuals. This group works on multiple performance pieces, trains in choreography and technique in order to perform in which they do trough out the year. This group meets two hours on Monday nights from 8pm-10pm. There is a monthly membership fee to be in this group which includes the Monday training as well as the Tuesday night classes. Please inquire with us for more information about this group.

Argentine Tango 101

An introduction to Tango. Tango is not just a dance. It is culture of its own based on traditions, history, music of Argentina. It can be romantic, fun and flirtatious as well as elegant. In this class you will learn the basic figures and partnership skills needed to get you started with this beautiful dance. Tango is a more challenging yet very social and enjoyable dance. Therefore we suggest taking this class for two months to have a very solid foundation before moving onto the next level.

Argentine Tango 201