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Argentine Tango


Argentine Tango 101

Argentine Tango is so much more than a dance. It is a culture all its own based on the traditions, history, and music of Buenos Aires at the turn of the century. Argentine Tango can be romantic, fun and flirtatious, and elegant all within one song. In this class we’ll look at the basic figures as well as the partnership skills you’ll need to get started in this beautiful dance. Argentine Tango is an enjoyable, but challenging dance. For that reason, we recommend taking Argentine Tango 101 for two months before moving on to the next level, in order to ensure you have a solid foundation upon which to build this romantic dance.

Argentine Tango 200 level courses

Prerequisite: Tango 101

Argentine Tango 201 is part of an 8 week series expanding on what you learned in the first level giving you a more in depth foundation of figures and partnering skills. Some of these figures include combinations of paradas, baridas and sandwiches.

Argentine Tango 202 This is part of an 8 week series. You can do 201 or 202 in . any order. This class will continue working on paradas, baridas and sandwiches with different variations and embellishments.

Argentine Tango 300 level courses

Prerequisite: Tango 201 and 202.

Argentine Tango 301 focuses on learning the rotational figures by adding the giro which can then be used in combination of everything you’ve learned to better navigate the dance floor.

Argentine Tango 302 focuses on Sacadas which are displacement of the feet. Meaning to take the place of your partners foot position with your foot. This is one of the most popular figures within Tango and can be used in a wide variety of ways.

Argentine Tango 303 focuses on Boleos and Planeos. Boleos means to whip. This is a whipping action of the leg caused when changing direction quickly. while Planeos are a pivoting action creating low leg sweep.

Argentine Tango 304 focuses on more advanced Ochos and Enroques which are embellishments for both men and women.


Tango Performance Team

If the Argentine Tango bug bites you as hard as it has bitten us, you should join us for this ongoing performance group. Be warned, this isn’t your typical class, it is a group of dedicated individuals who work on multiple performance pieces, training in choreography and technique, in order to perform throughout the year. We meet every Monday night from 8-10pm. This group has a monthly membership fee that includes the Monday training as well as the traditional Tuesday night group classes. Please inquire for more information about this group.

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