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Salsa 101

Looking to gain some confidence on the dance floor?  This is the class for you! Bring a partner, or come alone, this class is designed for first time dancers. We’ll cover the fundamentals of salsa which include timing, basic step, side basic, and turns for leads/follows.  We will also introduce standard partnering techniques and etiquette.  After getting your foundation set, you'll feel ready to hit any dance floor!

Salsa 200 levels

Prerequisite Salsa 101

Salsa 201: Already feel confident with the basics but want to get to the next level? This is the place to start! In this class, we dig deeper into turns, hand hold variations, and pattern combinations.

Salsa 202: This is interchangeable with 201. We rotate between this and 201 giving everyone two months of 200 level classes. So it won’t matter which order you take them in. Like 201 this class focuses on connecting combination patterns and introduces the concept of musicality.

Salsa 300 levels

Prerequisite Salsa 201 and 202

Salsa 301: Spins class! The sole focus of this class is, you guessed it, SPINS! We will be covering the fundamentals needed for multiple turns with and without a partner.

Salsa 302: Copas We will be focusing on copas and its many variations within partnerwork. You'll be surprised by all the possibilities it opens up when social dancing!

Salsa 303: Footwork Referred to in the Salsa scene as 'shines', the objective of this class is to better understand the music you are dancing to. This focus, allows us to fully express ourselves on the dance floor. It's really your opportunity to shine

Salsa for one person
for one person:
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Salsa class for two people
Salsa for two people:
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