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Swing Dance Classes



Looking for a dance you can enjoy dancing to multiple musical genres such as country, pop, and rock? We’ve got the perfect class for you! Swing 101 focuses on introducing first time dancers to the basics of jitterbug/single time swing. You’ll learn the basic steps, under arm turns, how to move in and out of frame, basic rhythms, and basic partnership skills. We’ll have you comfortable and out on the dance floor in no time!

Swing 200 levels

Prerequisite Swing 101

Swing 201: This class will dive more in depth into swing advancing you with the foundation that is called triple time swing. Triple time swing is a basis for later learn other swing styles such as Lindy Hop.

Swing 202: This is similar to Swing 201. It will be going the same techniques and dance figures by using different variations of those figures then what was taught in 201. For example using different hand holds and variations of similar figures. This class should be taken along with 201 before progressing to any 300 level courses.

Swing 300 levels

Prerequisite Swing 201 and 202

Swing 301: In this class we will introduce a different style of swing dance, Lindy Hop. This is by far one of the most popular forms of social swing dance. If you go out to any of the numerous swing dance events in Chicago you’ll be sure to see this dance the most.


West Cost Swing

West Coast Swing is a fun partner dance done to contemporary pop music, blues music and R&B music, among other styles. In this class you'll learn the basics and some essential technique to get you started quickly. Figures will include the Sugar Push, Left Side Pass, Underarm Pass and Whip, with discussion of styling, partnership, and musicality.

Swing Dance For One Person
Swing Dance For One Person:
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Swing Dance For Two People
Swing Dance For Two People:
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